Marina Thuren wearing a shawl

Marina Thurén

Marina Thurén is a textile artisan specializing in weaving. She lives and spends much of her time in the archipelago and materials directly from nature tempts for experiments, as for example, willow, with its colors and its luster.
 With her horticulturist background growing organic berries behind her, the ecological values are also obvious.
She has been awarded :
"Excellent archipelago craft"

Photo © Katja Kuorinki-Väänänen

The products are available for sale in the Shop in Fiskars called Tupapuoti-Stugboden on Fiskarsintie 366, 10470 Fiskars.
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You can also order directly by contacting Marina Thurén.

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Studio Marina Thurén, Tammisaari, FINLAND, tel.+358 40 777 9549

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